Accessibility to permanent artworks produced by Situations

We would like as many people as possible to explore this website and to participate in our projects and events. In this section, you can find out about physical access to the permanently-sited artworks and where to access information about our work in a range of formats.

Hew Locke, Ruined – Bristol, UK

This artwork consists of 10 cast iron grave markers located on a raised grassy mound in Brunswick Cemetery Gardens, Bristol. The work has a relief surface depicting information taken from historical share certificates overlaid with decorative forms by the artist. Brunswick Cemetery Gardens can be accessed at all times from either Brunswick Square, or Wilder Street, with a path navigating around the gardens and in front of the artwork.

Jeppe Hein, Follow Me – Bristol, UK

This artwork consists of 76 vertical polished steel plates creating a mirrored labyrinth. The work is sited at the base of an incline leading down from Royal Fort House in Royal Fort Gardens, and can be accessed at all times from University Walk off Woodland Road. The entrance into the labyrinth is restrictive for wheelchair users.

Lara Favaretto, Without earth under foot – Weston-super-Mare, UK

This artwork consists of phosphorescent granules pressed into tarmac which has been laid along Marine Lake Causeway. The Marine Lake Causeway is accessible except during high tides. There is level access from Knightstone island and from Madeira Cove. However, the causeway is often wet with seawater that washes over the surface which can make it slippery. This work creates a phosphorescent glow on the causeway and can be viewed only after dark.

Tania Kovats, HOLM – Weston-super-Mare, UK

This sculpture at Madeira Cove is within a level area of paving and the area can be accessed by level surfaces around Marine Lake. The sculpture can be touched. The information sign at this location is presented in both English text and Braille. As part of the re-landscaping of this area, a new viewing area was created and this can be accessed via a ramp.

Tim Etchells, Shelter Piece – Weston-super-Mare, UK

This artwork is located at one of the beach front shelters on Marine Parade near to the Model Yacht Pond. It consists of words etched into the glass windows of the shelter. The windows are at heights varying from approximately 120cm to 200cm. Letters are sized 18point and you can touch the surfaces of the etched glass.

Tim Etchells, Winter Piece – Weston-super-Mare, UK

This artwork is made of large neon words in a handwriting-style letters. It is positioned high up on the frontage of the Winter Gardens Pavilion on Royal Parade. The surrounding area has level access. The artwork can be viewed from outside the Winter Gardens Pavilion or from a considerable distance as it lights up at night. It is best viewed after dark, although the neon tubes can be seen unlit during the day.

Wrights & Sites, Everything you need to build a town is here – Weston-super-Mare, UK

There are 41 signs that make up this artwork including the keystone sign outside the Old Town Quarry. All the signs are made using raised letters on cast aluminium. Each sign is approximately 27cm x 37cm and the letters are approx 8mm high. One of the signs is produced in Braille at the Sensory Garden in Grove Park. An accompanying Braille information sign is nearby. The signs are in many different types of places, many of which are on level, accessible surfaces and fixed between 100 and 150cm above ground level.

Information in various formats

We are currently updating all our research to make it available in a range of formats. If the information you require is not available on this website, then we will try to meet your requirements. Please contact Situations at or call 0117 930 4282 during office hours.

You can also visit this section of the Wonders of Weston website for information in a variety of formats including an audio guide, a large-format guide you can download and BSL signed artist interviews.