• Futurefarmers in Oslo 2013

We’re delighted to announce that Slow Space artists, Futurefarmers will be participating in SITElines 2014: Unsettled Landscapes  – A new biennial exhibition series that explores contemporary art across the Americas.

Deeply relevant to Futurefarmers vision, a collaborative group who came together through an interest in making work that is invested in the time and place surrounding them, Unsettled Landscapes looks at the political conditions and historical narratives that inform the work of contemporary artists across the Americas.

The 2014 exhibition will be grounded in themes of the land; exploring landscape, territory and trade whilst commenting on connections between representations of, movements across, and resources derived from the land. As a collective who work together to propose alternatives to the social, political and environmental organisation of space, Futurefarmers’ contribution will no doubt enrich the SITE Santa Fe programme, provoking questions and offering alternative perspectives on the topics explored.

Read the full SITElines 2014 programme announcement via e-flux here

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