Folkestone gold finders

Gold struck at Folkestone Triennial!

Kevin Wood, Kirsty Henderson and her sister Megan are the first confirmed finders of gold on Folkestone’s beach. The piece of gold was discovered at 7pm on Friday 29th August.

The trio travelled from Canterbury after hearing about Michael Sailstorfer’s project for the Folkestone Triennial via twitter. They discovered the 20gram piece of gold, worth approximately £500, after an hour’s digging in the early evening at low tide.

Just as the project organiser was being interviewed for live broadcast behind him, Kevin discovered the piece of gold lying in the sand. “My legs went from under me and I started shaking,” Kevin recalled. “I put it quietly in my pocket. We left the beach and half way home, we pulled over for a drink and to ring my mum!”

Megan, Kirsty and Kevin at the site of their gold discovery

Megan, Kirsty and Kevin at the site of their gold discovery

When asked what they plan to do with their find, the friends said their initial thought was to use it to fund a trip to Paris, somewhere they have always wanted to visit, but for now, they’ve decided to wait and make a decision when they’ve had a couple of days to think about it.

From a Situations perspective as organisers;

“We’re thrilled to hear about the find. This public artwork is unfolding before our eyes. The stories of the seekers and now of the finders, the unexpected encounters between people on the beach and the ripple effect of this Folkestone tale are an essential part of this new form of public art.”

“As one of 21 projects for the Folkestone Triennial, this is what art can do. It can shift your perspective. More great art by the seaside.” Lewis Biggs, Curator, Folkestone Triennial.


12 year old Ciaran Bartlett and his family

12 year old Ciaran Bartlett with his gold piece

12 year old Ciaran Bartlett with his gold piece

Kirsty and Kevin weren’t the only ones to strike gold during the first few days of the project. 12 year old Ciaran Bartlett was in Folkestone visiting his family and struck gold on Saturday afternoon at around 4:30pm after digging for just 20 minutes with his bare hands. He thinks he might keep it as a piece of art and as something which might increase in value over time… Or indeed, buy a BMX.

Whilst looking over the photographs taken of him and his family just after his find he commented

“I can’t usually smile for pictures, but look at that huge smile on my face”.


Folkestone Digs is a project by the artist Michael Sailstorfer produced for the Folkestone Triennial by arts producers Situations. For more information, visit

#folkestonegold @situationsuk – the search continues.
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