The_Jurors_Hew_Locke_Max_McClure_2131Hew Locke has been nominated for PMSA’s (Public Monunments & Sculpture Association) Marsh Award for excellence in public sculpture for his art work, The Jurors.

The twelve intricately designed chairs of The Jurors, stand upon an ancient site in the heart of Surrey, UK, to mark the 800th anniversary of the sealing of the Magna Carta. Each chair represents significant moments in the struggle for social justice, freedom and equal rights. The chairs invite discussion, reflection and contemplation about the histories depicted and the contemporary world we live in.

The Marsh Award for Excellence in Public Sculpture is offered for a sculpture installed in a public place within the last 2 years. The awards seek to acknowledge and commend excellence, to increase awareness and discussion of public sculpture and fountains and to celebrate new work that demonstrates originality, aesthetic quality and sensitivity to its site.

For more information about the Marsh Awards and the nominated artists click here.

Explore the stories that inspired The Jurors visit the Art at Runnymede website.

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