“As someone who passionately works towards making the arts inclusive, I see these same core values reflected in the very way Situations produces art. The organisation’s unwavering resolve to creatively provide invaluable platforms for expression, despite the many hurdles they may face, is the innovative spirit which gives me so much pride in joining the Board. Rarely do you find a company with such dedication to its local communities and the invitation to join after working so closely on Sanctum reaffirms Situations’ drive to be progressive, attentive and consistent.” Emma Blake Morsi


We’re delighted to be welcoming Emma Blake Morsi to our Board of Trustees. Emma is the editor-in-chief of Nocturnal magazine, an authentic voice and platform for young people to contribute work to showcase their obsessions and express themselves through the medium of the arts.

You can read more about Emma and our other Trustees here.

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