Public Art (Now) live events will be streamed free-of-charge by this is tomorrow and we’re inviting you to hold your own live-streaming event.


Whether you are an arts organisation, University or simply want to organise a group viewing in your living room, you can sign-up to be a live stream partner giving you access to promotional and discussion tools.

Join us as a streaming partner on Thursday April 16th and watch the Public Art (Now) talk from Whitechapel Gallery live.

For more information and a live-streaming partners pack please contact Public Art (Now) Programme Coordinator Georgina Bolton at gb(at)

Live Streaming archive:

The first of event took place on Sunday 4th May – Jeremy Deller’s Sunday service. Audiences joined us in their pyjamas from Australia, from screening venues in Skye and from their studios in Spain. Don’t worry if you missed it live, you can watch Jeremy Deller’s lecture again here.

Also available to watch is Claire Doherty’s The New Rules of Public Art lecture, presented on June 11 by Public Art Norway (KORO) as part of their Critical Issues in Public Art series.

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