27th June 2017

John Kieffer, the Chair of Situations:

“Situations will not be part of ACE’s National Portfolio 2018-2022. Claire Doherty’s departure from the organisation as Director marks a moment of change for the organisation after 15 years of supporting artists to make extraordinary new artworks and unlocking opportunities for people and place. We will be making an announcement in due course about the future of the organisation, but our intention is to find a way for what Claire has built here to be continued in some form in the future.”

In the meantime, Claire Doherty has said:
“I am disappointed that Situations will not continue to be part of Arts Council England’s National Portfolio beyond March 2018 and I am also in touch with the Board and staff at Arnolfini. I am passionate about the future of arts and culture in Bristol and welcome the Arts Council’s ongoing commitment to the visual arts in Bristol. I hope to draw on all that we have achieved at Situations over the past 15 years to play a part in reimagining the future for the arts ecology in this extraordinary city.”

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