• Art In My Backyard - Hew Locke
  • Art In My Backyard - Hew Locke
  • Art In My Backyard - Hew Locke

This edition of Art In My Backyard set out to gather some of the stories and responses to ‘Ruined’ by Hew Locke – one of three of our recent Bristol projects.

We spent a wonderful Spring weekend with nine people, all with different connections to the local area, including members of Bristol Unitarians who own this Cemetery and lease it to Bristol City Council as a park. Each film was made in a day, starting from scratch in the morning and finishing in late afternoon.

Filmmaker Tom Stubbs led the weekend. Many thanks to Tom, all the participants and Bristol Unitarians.

Watch the films

James Barke has lived and worked in Bristol for 25 years as a freelance commercial photographer. He moved to St Werburghs 11 yrs ago and saw these workshops as a new, creative way of exploring central Bristol.

John Daniel Clemente is British Venezuelan. He has worked as a news cameraman for BBC, ITN and Channel 4 but this is his first time working on this kind of film. He has recently moved to Bristol from Venezuela after “the country became politically unacceptable.”

His film responds to some of the links between Ruined and life in Venezuela, as well as other memories of filming conflict around the world. He says, “When I came to this cemetery all came back; all this conflict in country I’ve visited. I never thought I will be so much involved on my own country.”

Liz Chege trained as an architect and town planner but has long held a passion for film, art and music. She curates a website about African film and art and is also a contributor to various websites.

“The video I made was inspired by the tactile character of Locke’s artworks. My exercise in literally scratching on the surface afforded me a closeness to his work in a form of interaction that would be hard to capture on film. Graveyards are said to be where most ideas are stored and I like the notion of these beautiful artworks sprouting and creating a sense of life in this locale.”

Peter Wildman and Karl Stewart are members of Bristol Unitarians.

Mark Stewart and Grace Cooper are members of Bristol Unitarians. Mark has been a member since 2009. Grace has been a member since 1955. In 1969 Grace founded the Bristol Unitarian Theatre Group and has been involved in choirs and poetry groups over the years.

Their film explores the playfulness of artworks in a public spaces and it is them singing live on location on the soundtrack. Mark says, “We tried to capture as much as possible by physically interacting with the artwork, in order to explore its tactileness and robustness.

Susan Wildman and Jeffrey Hurley are members of Bristol Unitarians.

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Project credits

Series film maker, Tom Stubbs, Biggerhouse Films
Series curator, Michael Prior, Associate Curator (Engagement), Situations
Project assistant, Georgina Bolton

Funders and supporters

Art In My Backyard is funded by Bristol City Council.


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