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This edition of Art In My Backyard set out to gather some of the stories and responses to ‘Follow Me’ by Jeppe Hein – one of three of our recent Bristol projects.

This edition started the series. We spent a fantastic weekend at Royal Fort Gardens making these films with staff and students from University of Bristol. Starting from scratch on a Saturday morning, by Sunday afternoon, we’d made these intriguing 60 second videos.

Filmmaker Tom Stubbs led the weekend. Many thanks to Tom, all the participants and University of Bristol.

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Bharat Kunwar is a PhD student in at University of Bristol currently looking at Evacuation Friendliness Index of Cities. “I really enjoyed conveying the idea of “mischief” through my video which was my first response to the sculpture, that the landscape could spring up and seamlessly play tricks with your imagination but I wanted to accentuate and materialise that idea through the video.”

Mireia Bes works at the Centre for Public Engagement in the University of Bristol organising activities that engage the public with the research that takes place at the University. She’s from Barcelona (Catalonia) and one day would love to make her own wooden puppet, if possible in Prague! “From the project I realised how some public art can play a powerful role in citizens recovering the public space as a space for playfulness, reflection and exploration.”

Cheryl McKeon Slater organises graduation ceremonies, public lectures and talks, VIP visits and official openings at the University of Bristol. She also makes jewellery, wishes she could take photos and want to drive across the US, coast to coast. I have watched many children interact with ‘Follow Me’ and making my film gave me the chance to experience some of the same sense of fun that they get from the sculpture. I’m a firm believer in taking your inner child out to play more often…and that the older you are, the more important it is!”

Peter Kearsey works in IT support at the University. He spends most weekends down pubs listening to live music and is a keen amateur photographer. “I gained an insight into the world of video recording on this project.”

Galit Szalai is a writer specialising in film, who also works for publications and radio. She works part-time as Executive Assistant in the Public Relations Office at the University of Bristol. Galit decided not leave a good detective story behind, while in the mids of an obsession with a Danish thriller. She hopes the character of the Spanish officer in her film comes across as sufficiently neurotic.

Madeline Golding is a student at University of Bristol.

Look out for more Art In My Backyard films about Ruined by Hew Locke and Missorts by Tony White in Spring 2014.

Project Credits

Series film maker, Tom Stubbs, Biggerhouse Films
Series curator, Michael Prior, Associate Curator (Engagement), Situations
Project assistant, Georgina Bolton

Funders and supporters

Art In My Backyard is funded by Bristol City Council

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