Over an 8-week period beginning in September 2013, BC System – artists Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton – worked with Situations to offer their services as public art providers in the city of Bristol.

Throughout this residency the artists published proposals for new public artworks that challenged thinking about where public art belongs, who it is for and what value it can have. Provocative, witty, irreverent and sometimes defeatist, BC System undertook to realise as many of these works as possible.

On 5th November 2013 BC System realised one of their original propositions  – the proposal to design and gift a series of bespoke tattoos of the word ‘forever’.


The ‘Forever Portfolio’ included bespoke designs of the word ‘Forever’, each authored as an original piece of BC System work that can only be used once. Situations worked with a tattoo studio in Bristol’s city centre to realise these designs for willing volunteers. The budget is supplied by BC system and tattoos will continue to be gifted until the budget runs out.

Watch: A participant’s point of view – tattoo action caught on film.


new works forever 3

BC System was commissioned as part of New Situationists, a programme dedicated to supporting artists to experiment and to test out ideas in the public realm for the first time. Launched to coincide with the opening of Bloomberg New Contemporaries at Spike Island, BC System were chosen to undertake the commission following an open-call to all New Contemporaries artists since 2010.

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