Intertidal was a collaborative project by New Zealand artists Douglas Bagnall and Adam Hyde, and UK artists Walker & Bromwich. The artists presented a site-specific response to Kamau Taurua / Quarantine Island.

Ferried to the Island by Sea Cadets, artists and visitors alike enacted an expedition as ethnographers and storytellers. Both a traditional fishing site and once used to isolate disease, Kamau Taurua / Quarantine Island became a ground for their shared experiences; examined and experienced at various points, and in all the spaces in-between.

Walker & Bromwich draw from their Euro-centric position as cultural exporters and Hyde and Bagnall set out to discover a new species in the Intertidal zone, throwing into focus the ever-present potential for new knowledge. Drawing upon 19th century methods of species discovery, involving collecting, looking and drawing, their work provided a gentle provocation about the impartiality of imported knowledge systems.

Commissioned as part of ‘One Day Sculpture’.

Saturday 20 December 2008, 15.30 – 19.30

Kamau Taurua, Quarantine Island, Dunedin

Funders and Supporters

One Day Sculpture was funded by Creative New Zealand; Massy University College of Creative Arts; The Chartwell Collection; University of the West of England, Bristol and Massy University Foundation.

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