To mark the 800th anniversary of the Magna Carta at the historic site of Runnymede Hew Locke produced a new public art work called The Jurors.

Situations invited Hew Locke to produce a new public artwork which formed part of an international gathering at Runnymede on Monday 15th June 2015, Surrey, where 800 years ago the feudal barons sealed the Magna Carta with King John. The permanently sited work will form the centrepiece of this historic occasion.

Hew Locke was selected for his ability to address complex issues of power, justice and history in visually compelling forms. The artist has been inspired by the impact of Magna Carta’s fundamental principles of justice, the basis of common law which have influenced the development of the United States constitution, the United Nations Universal Declaration of Human Rights and over third of the world’s legal systems.

The launch of the artwork was accompanied by a dedication written by Owen Sheers and performed by 12 performers. ‘Or In Any Other Way’ directly references the content of The Jurors and follows the form of Oscar Wilde’s Ballad of Reading Gaol. On 15 June, each of the performers recite a stanza while approaching The Jurors. As they assembled at the artwork, the final stanza was recited by the group in unison before they took their seats, eventually joined by heir to the throne, HRH Prince William.

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Situations will also be working with the National Trust over the coming year on the further development of the Runnymede site.

For more information about visiting The Jurors and how the work was made please visit

Further information, reactions and records can be read on The Jurors Storify page.

Join the conversation: #TheJurors

Read about The Jurors on the Guardian website.

The Jurors was commissioned by Surrey County Council and National Trust.


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