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Under the moniker BC System, Royal College of Art graduates, Jack Brindley and fellow artist Lucas Clayton offered their services as public art providers with a cumulative series of public art proposals for the city of Bristol. Their first proposition was to gift a permanent tattoo to Bristol residents over the opening weekend agreeing to be inscribed with the word ‘Forever’.

This, and additional provocative proposals from the artists were announced over an eight-week period, beginning Friday 13 September 2013. From this date, bespoke noticeboards detailing their proposals for new public artworks Bristol’s city centre, changing weekly.

The project was commissioned to run alongside the opening weekend of the Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition, organised in Bristol by Spike Island and incorporating an additional venue at 8 Millennium Promenade, Harbourside.

Read the proposals of the New Situationists here, and here.

About the New Situationists programme

BC System were selected to undertake this project for New Situationists: a programme of commissions from Situations encouraging emerging artists to experiment and test out ideas in the public realm and to encourage thinking on where public art belongs, when and where it might take place. The proposal was chosen from over 50 applications by previous New Contemporaries artists since 2010 to produce a work to coincide with the opening of Bloomberg New Contemporaries exhibition.

Jack Brindley

Jack is interested in the way in which we think about, navigate through and operate within space. His research and writing focuses largely on the fluid and transitory state of public space now – something that he both acknowledges and challenges through his work. From installing duplicate walls that sit at a 30° angle to the gallery’s original layout, to fabricating a turquoise steel bench which operates as both a sculpture and as an object that facilitates a scenario in a gallery; he questions the role of the ‘Gallery Space’ in relation to both the viewer, artist and the artwork. Consequently many of his works propose a temporary space with its own set of self-defining specific conditions. Jack also takes into question the current and continuous flux of ‘pop up’ spaces in the public realm and how this may relate to definitions of contemporary labour. He also operates as part of the curatorial duo Open File with Tim Dixon, carrying out research and curating live events across print and online platforms. At the centre of his practice is an attention to the way in which objects and material gestures exist in the world – it is through this interest that his agency as an artist emerges.

Lucas Clayton

Lucas graduated from the Painting program at the Royal College of Art. Clayton’s practice uses sculpture, painting, photography and installation to create interrelated, open frameworks which are concerned with ideas of negation, absence and presence, systems of power and exchange and sub cultural uses of materials.

Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013

The Bloomberg New Contemporaries 2013 ran at Spike Island from Friday 13 September until Sunday 10 November. New Contemporaries is the leading UK organisation supporting emergent art practice from British Art Schools. Since 1949 New Contemporaries has consistently provided a critical platform for new and recent fine art graduates primarily by means of an annual, nationally touring exhibition. Independent of place and democratic to the core, New Contemporaries is open to all. Participants are selected by a panel of influential art figures including curators, writers, and artists often who have themselves previously been a part of the New Contemporaries, in a rigorous process that considers the work within a broad cultural context.

New Situationists is supported by the Paul Hamlyn Foundation and Bloomberg New Contemporaries

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