Fake seagulls, a folded newspaper and a telescope in an inner city park. From 9.00am to 9.00pm, in Western Park in central Auckland, Newby and Austin’s Hold Still used sculpture and performance to underscore and to skew the idea of a view.

If there are any places in the city that encourage you to notice what’s around you in a contemplative way, a public park is one. A ready-made seagull decoy (made from polystyrene and chicken feathers) was placed on top of a park bench, perching on the day’s paper, and framed in the viewfinder of a brand new telescope. This simple construction gave a kaleidoscope-like effect to the act of looking. The idea of looking at a work through a telescope literalized a frame and a perspective – the work often surrounded by viewers watching other viewers’ viewing.

Through the subtle ‘activation’ of a public space, Hold Still created an occasion out of the transformation of the familiar, asserting with a casual confidence art’s great potential to shift our awareness – even just for a day – of that which already surrounds us.

Commissioned as part of ‘One Day Sculpture’.

Saturday 30 August 2008, 09.00 – 21.00
Western Park, Ponsonby, Auckland

Funders and Supporters

One Day Sculpture was funded by Creative New Zealand; Massy University College of Creative Arts; The Chartwell Collection; University of the West of England, Bristol and Massy University Foundation.

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