For just 24 hours, an intriguing collection of found images were displayed in a makeshift annex outside the National Library building in Wellington. Visitors were granted exclusive access to an intriguing archival room which held only one type of item: found images that depict an impossibly beautiful world.

Carran is known for her interest in utopian visions and architectural forms. This project offered an alternative repository of New Zealand’s collective memory – an archive full of society’s idealised representations of happiness.

‘Carran’s new project invites us to explore the desire to preserve a utopia which never existed, but against which visions for the future are often played out.’ (Claire Doherty)

Commissioned as part of ‘One Day Sculpture’.

Friday 6 March 2009, 00.00 – 00.00

National Library of New Zealand, Molesworth Street, Wellington

Funders and Supporters

One Day Sculpture was funded by Creative New Zealand; Massy University College of Creative Arts; The Chartwell Collection; University of the West of England, Bristol and Massy University Foundation.

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