• Futurefarmers in Oslo 2013

Slow Space is the public art programme for Bjørvika – the former container port area of the city of Oslo and home to the Opera House, which will challenge conventional forms of public art. Four new projects for Bjørvika will unfold over the next five years: from large-scale sculptural interventions to collaborative food production from works which allude to the contemporary past to those which stretch into the future beyond our lifetime.

In 2010, Situations were asked to devise a new curatorial vision for this major site of regeneration on Oslo’s waterfront. Claire Doherty, Situations Director recalls, “We were struck by how Snøhetta’s white marble roof at the Opera House had quickly become a new gathering place in the city – a space free from commercial activity in which to think, to slow down, to congregate, to self-organise. We gathered together artists, architects, planners and curators from all over the world in Oslo to help us think about alternative approaches to public time as well as public space.”

Slow Space is conceived as a programme that will unfold over time, through collective activity, annual events and interventions, often in close collaboration with existing organisations and artist-run and activist initiatives across the city.

Commissioned artists include, Futurefarmers, Katie Paterson and Heather & Ivan Morison.

Read more on the Slow Space website

Funders and Supporters

Slow Space is funded by Bjørvika Utvikling AS.


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