Public Art (Now): Claire Doherty talks to Ahmet Ögüt

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Text extract from – Ahmet Ögüt, The Silent University, Multiple locations, worldwide (2012 – ongoing) – in Claire Doherty’s edited volume Out of Time, Out of Place, Public Art (Now).

Ahmet Ögüt’s Stones to Throw, was an installation originally developed for Kunsthalle Lissabon, Portugal and then shown as part of the Biennale of Sydney in 2014. With this work, Öğüt adapted the tradition of nose art, the decorative paintings or designs on the fuselage of military aircrafts, which can be seen as a form of aircraft graffiti, to present a series of 10 painted stones that feature the same kind of designs seen in airplanes. Throughout the exhibition, and gradually, all of the stones, except the last one, were removed from display and sent to Diyarbakir, Öğüt’s hometown. The stones were received by a friend of the artist and left abandoned on the streets. Diyarbakir, located in southeast Turkey has witnessed an increase of children arrested on charges of stone throwing.

Ögüt instigated The Silent University in 2012 in response to an invitation from the Learning and Community Partnerships teams at Tate Modern while Ögüt was undertaking a year-long residency with the Delfina Foundation in London. Assuming the format of an academic programme, The Silent University launched at Tate Modern in November 2012 with lectures following weekly meetings.

Out of Time, Out of Place, Public Art (Now) is available to buy now for £29.99.

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