On Wednesday 18 November, 490 hours through Sanctum’s unfolding, Situations and MAYK hosted the Public Art (Now) ‘Still Trying To Master It Class’, presented as part of Festival of the Future City, and followed by a discussion on ACE Bristol 2015 Exceptional Projects. Dina Ntziora and Laura Plant, recipients of the Public Art (Now) bursaries, attended the session and reported back on their experiences.

Dina, Project Manager for The Island in Bristol, was passionate about public art that bridges gaps between communities and interested in how Theaster Gates’ principles can help further the field.

‘Situations’ method of working is to define a set of principles, which sit around an artist’s practice and then start building around them. In this case, they worked with the idea of a soul of the city, then began to tell a very visual story about the city we live in’

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Laura, who has been part of Watershed’s Future Producers programme, was interested in the repurposing a historical space and the artistic and practical challenges of bringing together a project of this ambition in a site such as Temple Church.

‘I feel that one of the reasons Sanctum has been a success is because it generously gives ownership to each and every person involved, from builder to audience member, enabling each experience to be intimate, made-to-measure.’

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A Manifesto for the Public Arts

Passionate about public art, and the role of culture in place-making? Check out BEAM‘s new Manifesto drawn up from a series of open forums this year.

    • “The public arts have the potential to help regenerate and revitalise all of our urban spaces, towns, and parks, and to play a vital role in stimulating a successful people-centred economy in the service of a democratic society.”

Read the manifesto here.

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