Through an open call to the city we recruited 8 people from Plymouth to train with Artist Myriam Lefkowitz to become guides for Walk, Hands, Eyes (Plymouth). Here, two of the performers, Elena Brake and Louise Riou-Djukc, reflect on the experience.

To help us guide the city of Plymouth on a journey from the ordinary to the extraordinary we offered an opportunity to 8 residents of the city to train and develop skills with the artist and her team of performers. For all of the 8 selected guides the 5 days of training would be a journey that pushed the boundaries of their capabilities and unlocked their creative potential.

We discovered new boundaries of ourselves.


Through a series of exercises and Myriam Lefkowitz’s tools of practice, strangers quickly became friends and all of the guides grew in confidence to be able to take a stranger by the hand and step into the unknown. For both guides and participants alike Walk, hands, Eyes (Plymouth) offered the opportunity for a unique, intimate experience that is rarely expeirneced in daily life.

As you walk together [trust] develops and a bond is created.

Walk, hands, Eyes (a City) is an ongoing exploration devised by Myriam Lefkowitz, having been performed around the world, the project is never the same. Myriam and her team share with recruited guides in each city a set of tools for them to use beyond the project in their own practice, to share the project or for their own personal development.

It is almost like it gave me the key to a sort of peace that I didn’t know existed before and I feel like this is just the start to a long journey. Will I be guiding again? I hope so!

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