Not sure what to see at Plymouth Art Weekender? We have selected some of our highlights to help you plan your trip.

From Friday 23 September to Sunday 25 September the city of Plymouth comes together to celebrate contemporary arts. As we prepare to play with the urban landscape with Walk, Hands, Eyes for Plymouth Art Weekender, we have also been getting to grips with the full weekender programme and all the weird and wonderful things waiting to be discovered.

Expect to encounter wrestlers, church congregations, orchestras, street parties, giant robotic heads and much more in between. To try and help you plan your trip we have selected a few of our highlights.

Video Social Club
vscStarting the weekender is the Video Social Club, a night of ad-hoc, unexpected night of experimental film. As the name suggests this is a very much a social club and the club looks to explore how film can bring people together. Running with the theme of Post-Everything expect post-truth, post-consensus, post-objectivity, post-global, post-work, post-caring, post-hoc, post-uprising, and ask your self what happens afterwards? Start with the ending and work backwards from there.

When: Friday, 9pm – 11.30am
Where: Plymouth Athenaeum

Who are you and what do you want? 

After falling into a post-everything future, there is another question to be answered; Who Are You and What Do You Want? This is the title of the new show from Jock Mooney at Ocean Studios. An explosion of colour and ideas don’t be surprised to see beautiful cakes side-by-side with the guillotined head of Marie Antoinette. Unapologetic and not afraid to confront personal demons, Jock’s show is set to be a highlight of this years Plymouth Art Weekender.

When: All weekend, 11am – 5pm
Where: Ocean Studios

The Gold Ones

One of the most anticipated works for this year at Plymouth Art Weekender is the Visual Arts Plymouth Public Art Commission from Reactor; The Gold Ones. Interested in the creation and augmentation of social microcosms, art collective Reactor work in a myriad of ways to explore their practice, often inviting audiences to work together. So step inside the robots head and inside the mind of a Gold One. Look through the walls and floors of the Cosmic Care Home and glide down long tubes and across cosmic planes. Embrace the surreal.

When: All weekend, 10am – 5pm
Where: Place du Brest

Plymouth Rocks

Situated amongst the rocky foreshore, installed within predetermined “Frames” artist Tim Mills presents Plymouth Rocks. Plymouth Rocks consists of thirty postcards of the same view (each with a slightly different visual prescription) of Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts – traditionally considered to be disembarkation site of the Mayflower Pilgrims who founded the Plymouth Colony – with each postcard standing symbolically for one of the thirty Plymouth settlements in the United States. Plymouth Rocks is part of an ongoing series exploring the inherent transience of Plymouth as a place of arrival and departure.

When: All Weekend, 8am – 6pm
Where: Lion’s Den

Aquatic Traffic

Head beneath the waves with artist Laura Denning as she brings Aquatic Traffic to the city centre. Projecting live on to a big screen in the city centre be transported to an invisible world. Presented with the help of The Marine Institute at Plymouth University and the Plymouth Underwater Teaching Observatory (PLUTO), take a moment to reflect on the impact we are having on our oceans.

When: All weekend, 12pm – 2pm
Where: Big Screen, Armada Way

These are just some of our most anticipated highlights and the full programme is available now via the Plymouth Art Weekender website.

To book tickets for Walk, Hands, Eyes (Plymouth) click here.

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