“It did not outstay its welcome nor did it linger long enough to become commonplace.”

The Black Cloud was not just hybrid in style, mixing vernacular architecture with twenty-first century building techniques, but also in function and attitude too; a Sculpture/Pavilion that was dystopian and utopian in equal measure, encapsulating a pessimistic vision of the future in its dark jagged panels, yet at the same time operating as a free space for debates on alternative worlds.”

The-Black-Cloud_2154Extracts taken from Marie-Anne McQuay’s written response on Heather and Ivan Morison’s ‘The Black Cloud’, first published in 2009 in association with the erection of the large-scale pavilion during a community barn-raising in Victoria Park, Bristol. The structure also acted as a performance venue and part-host for events organised by the artists.

Download Marie-Anne McQuay’s response to “The Black Cloud”

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