“The atmosphere had that feel of urgency, when a public art event is disassembled, as the materials involved translate back from being the language of an artwork to their utilitarian function”.

“The constructed arrangement of the fragile and beautiful ‘spilled’ flowers which had appeared to pour out from the back of the truck became a metaphor for loss itself. Not a dark mourning sorrow but a gay evacuation, a beautiful release, a contrived artifice of licence”.

Fantasy Island009

“The photographic condition not only involves a literal displacement of material, the indexical reflection of light onto the film or sensor, but also determines that an activity will be immediately out of place through its documentation, its continual transferral into another context”.

These extracts are taken from Colin Glen’s Cornucopia pouring from the camera lens: A commissioned response to Heather & Ivan Morison’s 2006 Bristol work, ‘I lost her near Fantasy Island. Life will not be the same’. The text was first published on www.situations.org.uk in 2006

Download Colin Glen’s response to “I Lost Her On Fantasy Island”

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