On the day of the launch of ‘BC SYSTEM Public Work Solutions +44 (0) 7971 182 209’ – a new work by Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton aka BC System – we caught up with the project’s instigators, to talk about this work and the New Situationists commission.

Under the moniker BC System, RCA graduates Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton will be offering their services as public art providers over the next two months with a cumulative series of public art proposals for the city of Bristol. Their first proposition is to offer Bristol residents the chance to be tattooed permanently with the word ‘Forever’.

This, and a series of alternative proposals, will be posted weekly in public locations over the exhibition period for Bloomberg New Contemporaries. The only information provided by the artists on each proposal is a telephone number, a direct line to BC System for a chance to discuss their propositions and their opinions on becoming public art providers.

New Situationists Spike

This series of proposals encourages thinking about where public art belongs, who it is for, what is its value and how long it might remain? Provocative, witty, irreverent and sometimes defeatist, the artists’ proposals track the challenges faced by artists when stepping out of the gallery.

BC System were selected to create this work by Situations: a Bristol-based visual arts organisation that commissions and produces ambitious and inspiring projects by contemporary artists for a range of different sites and situations. The project has been produced by Situations for New Situationists, a programme that offers emerging artists the opportunity to experiment and test out ideas in the public realm.

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