The BC System proposal archive allows you to read, and reflect on, each weekly set of 6 public art propositions produced by our New Situationist artists Jack Brindley and Lucas Clayton throughout their recent residency. The proposals have been photographed in situ, each pasted onto bespoke steel noticeboards that exhibit the BC System telephone number. Allowing the texts to accumulate has enabled the project’s proposition history to be communicated through overlapping day-glow layers, hinting back to proposals past.


+44 (0) 7971 182 209*

*A proposal to use a mobile phone to facilitate a conversation about public art. As a point of contact between our work and the public, we would employ a spokes person from the commissioning body to answer the phone on our behalf for the duration of the work. Shifting the dynamic of labour, they would become the mouthpiece for the work and therefore responsible for making the actions public.

Is this working for you_1


*We propose to keep the entire budget for commissioning a public artwork as a fee. In exchange for this we would take up a voluntary position in the council paying ourselves a minimum wage until the budget ran out.

Do Nothing


After many proposals to produce a public work are commissioners were still not persuaded by our ideas. Instead we proposed to do ‘nothing’ and to explain the commission as a research residency.

Will pay premium_1


*We propose to work with people who collect and sell scrap metal, particularly the homeless. As a way to source materials we will offer to buy their scrap at a premium rate on the condition that they help us make a public work with said material.

Providing solutions_1


*We propose to remove one of these panels over the duration of this campaign and have it installed at Art Sheffield. This panel will operate as a painting within a curated exhibition about social capital.

Integrate vertically_1


*Employing a phrase used in economics, ‘Vertical Integration’, (which describes a style of management control whereby large portions of a supply chain are united by a common owner or corporation).

We propose to produce a framework of steel panels that would be used as a platform or stage. Positioned in the city centre they would create a space for events to take place. Any acts occurring in this area would be authored as a BC System work. A public sculpture that co-opts members of the public making them synonymous with the work.

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