“The piece – in different ways with different viewers – has the power to excavate what’s buried in our unconscious, from childhood onwards – mixed up with the terrifying and seductive aura of fairy tales and legends” (Jorg Heiser)

Susan Hillers Psychic Archaeology“Current hostility toward immigrants, foreigners and asylum seekers throughout Europe has deep roots in what might be called our ‘physic history’. Social attitudes are governed as much by unconscious, as by conscious conditioning. An acknowledgement of the hidden power of founding stereotypes and archetypes seems an appropriate way for an artist to begin to ‘see’ the problem” (Susan Hiller)

Extracts taken from ‘Thinking of the Outside: a response a response to Susan Hiller’s Psychic Archaeology’, written by Jörg Heiser and first published in ‘Thinking of the Outside: New Art and the City of Bristol’, 2005.

Download Jörg Heiser’s response to “Psychic Archaeology”

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