‘Slow Space: A Curatorial Vision for Oslo Harbour’ is a document that outlines a set of principles and a potential road-map towards the commissioning of unexpected, remarkable and ambitious art projects for Bjørvika Harbour, Oslo, recognising the specific challenges that a large-scale urban development presents and led to the commissioning of Katie Paterson’s Future Library and Futurefarmers’ Losaeter.

The vision is underpinned by a commitment to best practice in public art commissioning and informed by the principles of the Slow Movement, commitment to local resources, sustainability, shared hospitality and the value of communal experience.

The vision was written following ‘Slow Days’, a four-day creative research event which formed an integral part of the development of the public art programme for Bjørvika, Oslo Harbour.

The overall aim of this vision is that by 2025, Bjørvika and its environs will not simply be enhanced by a set of artistic interventions, but that artists will have contributed to making Bjørvika an extraordinary place. 

Slow Space: a Curatorial Vision for Bjørvika was funded by Bjørvika Utvikling AS.