The hallucinatory moving-image installation by Susan Hiller at Castle Vaults, Castle Park in Bristol investigated the superstitions that surround ethnic and religious stereotypes.

21 May – 3 July 2005

“Current hostility toward immigrants, foreigners and asylum seekers throughout Europe has deep roots in what might be called our ‘psychic history’… social attitudes are governed as much by unconscious, as by conscious conditioning.” Susan Hiller

The artist’s initial research centred around the history of the Jewish community in 12th and 13th century Bristol, who lived just outside the walls of the city, under the protection of the Castle. Hiller combined excerpts from feature films of the 1920s to the present day with a mesmerising sound-track.

Her work can be seen as an exaction of overlooked, ignored or rejected aspects of our shared culture.

Susan Hiller, Psychic Archaeology, 2005 Installation view Commissioned by Situations
Exterior of Castle Vaults, Bristol
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