16th – 19th August 2011
Slow Days, Oslo

Slow Days was a four-day gathering and creative research event which informed the curatorial approach to the public art programme in Oslo. Slow Days was formulated by Situations as an alternative to a conventional conference format, where the context of discussions diverge from the conventional lecture theatre or conference venue. During Slow Days, talks and stories will be held in convivial settings around Oslo’s harbour context to consider how artists might contribute to a future Bjørvika.

Participants included

Carl Honoré (author of In Praise of Slow), artists Amy Franceschini, Katie Paterson, Heather and Ivan Morison, curators Will Bradley, Claire Doherty, Per Gunnar Eeg-Tverbakk, Alistair Hudson and Mary Jane Jacob.

This reading list was conceived as a primer for engaging with Slow Days. The key texts, available either as downloadable PDFs or read-only online documents, offer introductory approaches to some of the ideas which were explored and examined in Slow Days – the creative workshop leading to Future Library and Losaeter for the public art programme.

Carl Honore’s essentials of Slow (click to link to webpage)

Marianne Heier A Frame Around Reality (PDF)
An artist’s response to Bjorvika and redevelopment

Alistair Hudson (click to link to webpage)
The John Ruskin Memorial Blog – see in particular Alistair’s postings about the Terminal Convention and response from John Byrne.

Mary Jane Jacob’s introduction In the Space of Art_Buddha Mind (PDF)
Click here also for access to Mary Jane’s extensive writings on public art.

Amy Franceschini, Click here to read more about Victory Gardens.
“There’s a crack in everything, that’s how the light gets in”, Anthem
by Leonard Cohen

Claire Doherty and Paul O’Neill, Introduction to Locating the Producers: Durational Approaches to Public Art (PDF)

Heather and Ivan Morison Frost King story (PDF)

The Ethic-Aesthetic Way of Wonders Boel Christensen-Scheel on Art and Ecology (PDF)